This state of the art switch mode voltage equaliser ensures that two series connected 12V batteries are charged equally. This is necessary for 24Vdc automotive systems where 12V equipment is connected to one of the batteries. The unit keeps the charge of both batteries equal at all times and prevents an unequal battery charge due to drainage caused by 12V systems.


Input Voltage : 24Vdc ± 8V
Output Voltage : Input Voltage÷2 ± 0,1V
Current Limit : 10A ± 0.5A


- Reverse polarity protection on 24Vdc input
- Continuous output current limit
- Automatic switch-off function at battery low condition
- Output polarity protection
- Input voltage surge protection
- Compact small dimensions
High efficiency
Waterproof Deutch connectors
Ignition shutdown to prevent drainage of batteries


- 160mm x 160mm x 60mm


- Thermal protection
- Customised Enclosure and Connectors

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